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Car Servicing, MOT’s and Car Body Repairs in Liverpool
Car Servicing, MOT’s and Car Body Repairs in Liverpool


Guaranteed Clutch Repair and Replacement in Liverpool : A clutch is a mechanical device that engages and disengages the power transmission. The clutch acts as a link between the engine and transmission and briefly disconnects, or separates the engine from the driveshaft whenever the pedal is depressed, allowing a smooth change of gear.

You need a clutch in your car because the engine spins all the time, but the car’s wheels do not. In order for­ a vehicle to stop without killing the engine, the wheels need to be disconnected from the engine somehow. The clutch allows us to smoothly engage a spinning engine to a non-spinning transmission by controlling any slippage between them.

The most common problem with clutches is that the friction material on the disc wears out. When most or all of the friction material is gone, the clutch will start to slip, and eventually, it won’t transmit any power from the engine to the wheels. We are your complete Merseyside clutch and gearbox repair service.


Clutch Maintenance

At Dingwall Autos we offer a high range of quality new clutches in Liverpool, which are supplied by Europe’s leading clutch manufacturers.

It is important to get specialist advice before fitting a new clutch as many symptoms could indicate a problem with the clutch, whilst the real problem may be something entirely different such as engine revving, slipping fan belt or minor adjustments.

Common clutch faults include:

  • Slip: Caused by oil on the friction plate or worn friction plate, the systems of clutch slip are partial or total loss of drive, and vehicle speed lower than normal compared with engine speed.
  • Drag: Clutch cable not at correct adjustment or centre plate sticking on splines. The symptoms of this would be difficulty in obtaining gear, particularly first and reverse gear.
  • Judder: Caused by warped friction plate or engine/gearbox mounts broken. The symptoms of this would be a shudder and vibration as the vehicle moves off from rest.

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Our professionals know how to handle a wide range of car services. Whether you drive a passenger car or medium sized truck or SUV, our technicians strive to ensure that your vehicle will be performing at its best.


We offer a full range of garage services to vehicle owners in Liverpool. We can help you with everything from an oil change to an engine change. We are happy to help with any problems or issues that you may have, no matter what make or style of vehicle it is.

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  • How long do car drive belts last?

    In most cars, a drive belt is replaced between 40,000 and 70,000 miles. Water, road dirt, excessive heat, and oil leaks can all cause the belt to deteriorate prematurely. For example, if the splash shield underneath the engine is broken, the belt may wear out sooner.

  • Can I drive with a broken radiator hose?

    A damaged radiator hose does not allow the recommended amount of coolant to reach the engine, which will then cause overheating.  Your car engine may also overheat and potentially cause damage with a cracked or leaking radiator. It is therefore essential to urgently resolve these issues.

  • What is a car timing belt?

    The timing belt links the engine’s camshaft to the crankshaft, which manages the pistons of the engine. The timing belt ensures that the engine performs at peak performance levels by controlling the timing of the crankshaft and camshaft.

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